Your first visit will involve an in-depth discussion for the osteopath to form a complete picture of your current issue, as well as your overall health.

The Osteopath will generally cover:

  • The details of your current complaint (the nature and location of your pain/symptoms, how and when it first occured, how it affects your day to day life)
  • Your general health (diet, exercise, current stress levels or other factors likely to affect your pain)
  • Your medical history (past history of complaints or illnesses as well as certain questions to determine you do not have any current medical issues you would not have been aware of)
This will be followed by a comprehensive hands-on examiniation to determine the best course of action for you.

Your Osteopath will:

  • Explain the results of the examination
  • Outline your personalised treatment plan including the need for fruther referral if appropriate
  • Advise how long your recovery is likely to take
  • Give you advice to help you get better sooner